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Kalyra Winery

Come enjoy the view. Our full-length deck offers spectacular views of Santa Ynez wine country and the San Rafael and Santa Ynez Mountain Ranges.

Hours of Operation
Open: Tuesday-Friday 12pm-5pm | Saturday & Sunday 11am-5 pm
Closed Mondays
343 N. Refugio Road, Santa Ynez, CA 93460 |  (805) 693-8864 |

Reservations required for groups of 6 or more.

About Us

Welcome to Kalyra!


The vineyards you can see out the winery windows are special. Planted in 1968, they were part of the original ‘Vina de Santa Inez’— legendary in these parts for what many credit as the inaugural vineyard in Santa Barbara County.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Mike Brown was working in the vineyards of Australia’s Barossa Valley. His viticulture studies at UC-Davis opened doors in the ever-growing wine region of Santa Barbara.


In 1989, Mike’s first label was introduced: Kalyra, a translation from the Australian Aboriginal meaning ‘A Wild & Pleasant Place.’ It’s fun, international blends made the label wildly popular, and in 2002, this tasting room opened, reflecting the same qualities as its root meaning.

So popular was this new destination that it attracted the attention of movie producers working on comedy-drama film about the Santa Barbara wine country. The movie, ‘Sideways,’ was a perfect fit for the funky Kalyra vibe, and it’s tremendously successful release in 2004 thrust Kalyra into the national spotlight.

Despite the publicity, Kalyra stayed true to its original roots of a laid-back atmosphere; an international flair blending the best of Santa Barbara varietals with Australia, Portugal, France and Spain; and value-priced wines that wine aficionados of all levels enjoy. It continues to be a destination for wine enthusiasts around the world on a mission to find ’A Wild & Pleasant Place.’

To acknowledge the true desires of the wine enthusiast lifestyle—fun, education, entertainment—and package it with affordability and a commitment to leave the world a better place through our enjoyment of wine.

Take an Australian-born winemaker, give him twenty years making wine in California and Australia... then add some of the best grapes from two continents and what do you get? An outstanding portfolio of wines from Santa Barbara County, California, Australia, Portugal, France, Spain and Italy. All created with pride, imagination and flair. Welcome to the world of Kalyra Wines.


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