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How to Download Wallpaper on Your iPhone

Apple is the best phone in terms of number of applications. Finding such useful programs as is a matter of few. To make the phone interface more beautiful, it is enough to change the wallpaper. Wallpaper is an image that appears on the home screen of your device. Variety of wallpapers are available with the new iPhone 13 which adds more grace to the screen. However, you can also download and install them from the web.

Wallpapers vary in design and resolution which depends on the type of device you are using. You can find wallpapers compatible with your device on the web. Following are the steps which you can use to download and install wallpaper from the web:

You can download wallpaper to your iPhone either via e-mail (by downloading the image from your e-mail account after you have mailed it) or by using the internet on iPhone itself. Another way is to download the wallpaper first on the computer and then connect your iPhone to iTunes application on your computer and transfer the downloaded wallpaper to your iPhone.

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Open your iPhone’s built-in browser Safari and browse to an iPhone wallpaper website. You can search for these websites through various search engines like Google which will display the results according to your query. Go to the website where you think, you will find the best iPhone website. We recommend

Browse through various categories like Music, Movies, nature, animations, abstract, etc to find the best one and choose the wallpaper which sounds good to you for your iPhone. Once you have found the wallpaper for your iPhone, simply Tap on it and download it. If you are using internet on your PC, then browse through iPhone website and choose the wallpaper you want to download. After you have found one, right-click on it and save it on your computer. Some websites places the download button beside wallpaper. You can simply click on it to download wallpaper. If you want more wallpapers, then simply browse through various wallpapers and select the wallpaper you want and download it.

Wallpaper to iPhone using iTunes

Go to Internet, select the images you want and save them to your computer

Connect your device to your computer via USB cable and launch iTunes.

Your device will be listed on the left panel of iTunes. Select your device and click on Photos tab.

Click on Sync Photos and select the source folder where you have saved the downloaded wallpaper.

Select the wallpaper (s) which you want to transfer to your iPhone and to apply click on ‘Apply.’

Disconnect your iPhone from your computer and close iTunes.

To set the transferred photo as your phone wallpaper, Go to settings > Photo Library.

From photos, select the photo you want as wallpaper. Open it and tap on ‘Set’ to set it as your wallpaper.

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