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  • How much wine is poured at each tasting?
    Tasting rooms usually pour between 4-6 tastings. Each taste is one ounce. So, you do the math! It is possible to drink a full glass of wine at each tasting. Be sure to pace yourself, drink plenty of water, eat a good lunch and snacks, and arrange for someone who is not tasting to do the driving.
  • Can the wineries accommodate large groups?
    Tasting room sizes vary, therefore it is always best to call ahead for a reservation when there are more than 6 people in your party.
  • How much does it cost to go wine tasting?
    You can expect to pay between $10 and $20 per tasting. The price will vary between properties, and whether premium or estate wines are served. Be sure to check our our events page, as several times a year our Association offers tasting passes which include multiple tastings for one price.
  • What days/hours are the tasting rooms open?
    This will vary between wineries. Generally speaking, tasting rooms are open daily 11am-5pm, but you will find many exceptions. Some open earlier, some stay open later. It is best to check our Hours/Location page for information. Also check back when your visit will include a holiday. You'll find a link on the Hours/Location page for special holiday hours.
  • Are dogs allowed in the tasting rooms?
    We love dogs! Especially well-behaved dogs on leashes. They are welcome in designated areas. Call ahead if you have questions.
  • Are children allowed in the tasting rooms?
    Absolutely! However, children cannot be seated or placed at tasting room bars. Most tasting rooms have child friendly spaces set aside to keep your little person entertained, while we entertain you.
  • Is there transportation around the Santa Ynez Valley?
    You betcha. There is no reason for you get behind the wheel after you've had a tasting or two. We have a regional bus line serving the entire valley, as well as independent taxi companies and
  • What's the weather like?
    Pretty much perfect. Having said that, it can get quite hot in the summer, and a bit nippy in the winter. But generally, our weather is pleasant during the day, and almost always cools down at night. That's what the grapes love! Here's a historical map of Santa Ynez Valley weather: Of course, these are averages. It is best to check the forecast from our local television station when planning your visit.
  • What's with all the 'Sideways' talk?
    Sideways is a movie that was released in 2004, and shot almost entirely in the Santa Ynez Valley. Many people credit the movie with making our wine region famous, as the story chronicles two men who take a wine tasting road trip. Sideways won an Academy Award for best adapted screenplay, and a Golden Globe for best motion picture Comedy or Musical.
  • If I buy a wine tasting pass, how do I get it?"
    You will be able to pick up your passes when you arrive in the SY Valley, passes will not be mailed. You'll receive a confirmation email and receipt from us shortly after you buy your passes. This will contain the will-call locations and other fascinating information for you. If you don't see it, please check your junk mail folder, even though this email is far from junk.
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